Zoho Invoice

Billing and Accounts Receivable, Cloud Invoice

For a small business, we a have just looked at Zoho Invoice. Zoho Invoice is a cloud based accounting system much like QuickBooks OnLine for small business invoicing. We are really impressed with the user interface. The initial sign up phase for a thirty day trial required e-mail verification, so it actually was several days ago that we first considered doing a review for Zoho accounting. But this morning, after digging through my e-mail for the verification links, we completed the process and began to evaluate the invoicing process for a simple time billing scenario such as a consultant would use.

First, we looked for a way to create an invoice. Zoho could not have made the link to begin creating an invoice any easier to pick out of the computer screen. This is a sharp contrast to QuickBooks which, even with it’s navigation screen, leaves us sometimes staring at all the things we can do and wondering where we went to do invoices.

Next, we know that there is really no such thing as an invoicing system without a customer file. And we had no customers entered into the system. Zoho could not have made this step easier. Just below the customer drop down box is a link to create a new customer. And upon adding a new customer, also a little easier than QB, was an option to save the customer and continue entering the invoice we had started.

Very smooth and intuitive, within three minutes, we had created an invoice for a customer, This left me wondering how I could e-mail and print the invoice. With a little glancing around, on the right side of the screen are options to email and print the invoice. Viola!

Having consulted for dozens of companies for 25 years, I wish I had this resource years ago. We will have more information on Zoho invoicing and accounts receivable coming up.