Novell Netware

The system administrator can determine that a program or file is shared or unshared. If a file not shareable different users archive viewable mode only reading but unable writable while another user in use mode reading or writing.

NetWare requires access to network directories through specific network drives. Network drives to directories on the network and not physical disk drives. Each workstation can be assigned 21 logical drive letters (F through Z). This means that DOS uses the default letters A to E.

Units NetWare search allow operating system locate files programs different directories directory predefined corresponding. Placing used programs universally directories public access then map them one unit search the fileserver locates programs requested even if not found current directory whence becomes application. Novell NetWare provides the most important safety systems on the market, and providing security of file servers in four different ways: check procedure, mandated rights, rights in the directory and file attributes. NetWare 4.x NetWare 4.x is a network operating system Novell designed for enterprise computing. It can handle up to 1000 users on a single server. It is based on 32-bit architecture ranging from 386 to Pentium processors. This operating system is similar to operating system version 3.12, although it has significant improvements.

The main feature is the 4.x Directory Services (NetWare Directory Sercices NDS). NDS is a comprehensive business service that links to the file servers to network resources such as printers, in an object-oriented hierarchical directory. It is a globally distributed database that provides a single point of registration and is built to facilitate the partitioning and replication of all servers. Designed for large networks, NetWare 4.x allows a network administrator to manage dozens of file servers from a single console. It also offers enhanced remote communications. The software uses the packet’s protocol interpreter and large burst of packets, designed to allow large packets to be transmitted and decrease the number of examinations necessary in the shipment, to ensure that transmission is received accurately. This version increased considerably security.

A network administrator can restrict the use of various network resources to authorized users. These rights define privileges of files such as reading, writing and erasing. The network administrator can also define the actions allowed for a user or program. Another important safety feature implemented in version 4.x is packet authentication to prevent counterfeiting intruder captures packets and identification of a user session to obtain access privileges. NetWare 5.0 An important characteristic provides Novell NetWare are Services Directories (NDS). Novell has made several improvements to the NDS in NetWare version 5. One such improvement is to enlist individual users with different access rights to the NDS tree. For example, you can assign the right to make or revoke a specific user passwords and deny that person the right to delete or create users and groups.

This tool is very useful to the administrator when working with multiple users.All server applications, including utilities such as Rconsole (remote console), work under TCP / IP. Native support means that you can easily install NetWare 5 IP in a network only with other Windows NT and UNIX servers. To maintain compatibility with previous services based on IPX, NetWare 5 also includes an IPX to IP gateway. The new version of NetWare includes a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs directly on the server, something that could not be done in previous versions.

With JVM can start a Telnet session or surf the Web on the server.Although this is a very attractive, if not planning to use it is recommended to uninstall it, since it requires a considerable amount of RAM. Novell, NetWare and future Novell believes the computer industry is now second stage LAN connectivity in which LANs connect to computers midrange mainframe through gates or direct interfaces. In recent years, Novell has planned an architecture that is consistent with a future characterized by increasing connectivity, flow of information between large and small computers, and compatibility among multiple vendors. Novell’s plan, known as Universal Network Architecture is directed toward an architecture that includes any platform.

NetWare Summary

  1. It can run on several different topologies.
  2. NetWare is designed to provide real support network file server.
  3. It can handle up to 1000 users on one server (version 4.x).
  4. The main feature of 4.x are the NetWare Directory Services (NDS).
  5. Netware 5 includes a native version or pure TCP / IP plus requires no IPX.

Microsoft Windows NT Server Microsoft Windows NT operating system is truly a very powerful 32-bit, which is available in both client and server.

Web Site Design

In our experience, most websites are created from the perspective of what the owner or Chief Executive found to be attractive. But the value of a website comes from the insides too. In fact the ability of the web design implementation to communicate with the major search engines the purpose of the web site is more important than how it looks.

No matter how appealing your web-site looks, and how well it draws the consumer to act on an offer, pick up the phone or visit your business, first the website must be found by searchers using Google, Bing and Yahoo. For example, properly designed, you can expect more than half the visitors to your web-site to find it using Google searches, and another five to eight percent from Bing and Yahoo searches, possibly more.

The number of new visitors your web-site receives each month can directly translate to your revenues. But if you use the $199 website approach, you have thrown the investment away. Others sign up for the monthly website design support option at their hosting provider, such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy, where after two or three years they have spent a thousand dollars and receive no traffic.

Enterprise owners need to bluntly consider skipping the website altogether. There are more than 100 million websites, and unless you spend money on frequent technology upgrades and create new content, i.e. a changing menu at a restaurant, $9.99 a month is a waste of money. Design companies have no conscience charging thousands for websites that make no difference. Understand that a website solution price range where it matters might be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Solutions available vary, features required vary. There is a difference in the detail each type solution business. A menu online on a wordpress site with a free website template at a cheap hosting company, not counting the learning curve to overcome website publishing and managing your online hosting account will cost starting at $5-$15 a month, your domain for $8-25 a year, and you might have a low cost website up and running. Domain registration and the website, the hosting account and projected website functions could be too expensive, and a business digital business card is a far different cry than selling items in a shopping cart format, a plethora of retailers are already competing to engage customers and have mastered the call to action. Development of leads and prospects information datasheets customer service website metrics visitor analytics

Model View Controller

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sudo apt install python-celery-common

all configuration to run the celery process is put in a python file sometimes called

celery -A tasks worker –loglevel=info

But you might have multiple workers named and so you would start them in two separate shells using

celery -A worker1 worker –loglevel=info
celery -A worker2 worker –loglevel=info

The “functions” you are going to background will be in worker1 or worker2.

Shortest Postfix sudo mail queue command list


mailq # note the message id – ten (10) alpha key to emails in queue

postcat -vq nnnnnnnnnn

postsuper -d nnnnnnnnnn

cd /etc/postfix; vi virtual; postmap virtual # forwarding

cd /etc/postfix; vi rbl_override; postmap rbl_override #whitelist

Postfix queues: pending and deferred.

Deferred queue is for messages that have soft-failed. Postfix will retry sending deferred emails.

Basic Python Pyramid Virtual Environment


sudo apt-get install virtualenv python-pip python-dev
pip install –upgrade pip setuptools
pip install pyramid gunicorn waitress

check pip settings in ~/.local/bin/pip

Python 3.6

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3.6
virtualenv –python=python3.6 name_of_ve_dir

Create Virtual Environment from Pyramid

virtualenv –python=python3.6 ve4e9
source ve4e9/bin/activate
cd MyProject
python install
pserve development.ini

Activate Virtual Environment

source ve4e9/bin/activate

Pyramid Bakery

pip install cookiecutter

Create simple

cookiecutter gh:Pylons/pyramid-cookiecutter-starter
pip install -e “.[testing]”
pserve development.ini

Create Alchemy

cookiecutter gh:Pylons/pyramid-cookiecutter-alchemy
pip install -e “.[testing]”
initialize_MyProject_db development.ini
pserve development.ini


git clone ssh://


cd MyProject
pserve development.ini

Windows Networks Identity Management

Active Directory Domain Controller – Server 2008 r2, Server 2012 r2, Server 2016

Windows -> Start -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers

All computers on the local network that have been joined to the local domain use the Active Directory User library. Instead of setting up user accounts on each computer, a central database is used to store logon names and passwords. (Generally) Kerberos is used to encrypt and exchange with handshake user logon name and password information. (Windows Professional required for workstations)


Install the jumpcloud client on all computers managed by the Jumpcloud database. (Generally) TLS1.1 is used for logon name and password information. First 10 users are free, then $7.50 per user per month.

15 users – 5*7.5*12*.75 = $ 1.875 per user per month paid annual

25 users – 15*7.5*12*.75 = $ 3.375 per user per month paid annual

50 users – $4.50 per user per month paid annual ($ 2,700 annual)


Server Costs

  • Server Acquisition – $1,500 – $25,000
  • Professional Installation – $1,000 – $5,000
  • Monthly support costs – $200 – $1,000
  • UPS – $250 – $2,000
  • Five (5) year warranty cost – $1,500 – $5,000 (4 hour repair)
  • Backup
  • Power
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Space utilization and access control