Should I add Boldgrid

Our recommendation is a no. Don’t add Boldgrid. But let us explain. It might be right for you.

There are Apple folks and Windows folks. We think Boldgrid will be a similar matter of preference. Boldgrid incorporates some neat ideas into web design. They claim better, faster, cooler.

But we found that it was faster to not use Boldgrid. You may have a different experience. We also found that once Boldgrid got into the site, it was hard to get rid of Boldgrid. It does not come packaged as a single clean Plugin, it is a bunch of Plugins.

Since we discourage the use of Plugins, this was an additional turn off for us. We worry about the risk of broken plugins, conflicts between plugins, even security risks in plugins. Plus we have looked at hundreds of other plugins and found that the vast majority are out of date, some wholly incompatible with an up to date WordPress website.

Boldgrid, however, is up to date at this time. So if you are using it, stay with it for now. While we can’t call it a good idea to install it, we can see situations where you should stick with Boldgrid.

If you started developing your content with Boldgrid and it’s going along, stick with it. If you are receiving assistance from someone that recommended Boldgrid, and they are still helping, stick with it. If you just like it, stick with it. It is only $40 to $50 a year.