Carrier Class, reliable ERP and CRM

Small and Medium Enterprises in Atlanta interested in an open source solution for CRM and ERP can rely on the groundwork laid at MSInc for LAMP based products in the Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management arenas. MSInc has a rich background developing and implementing LAMP and unix or Linux based Material Requirements Planning, Resource Planning, Customer service and core accounting functions. MSInc built the famous Support Series II application that flourished on Zilog, Arix and SCO Unix based systems in the 1990’s. With it’s IEEE based Y2K initiative, S2I2 provides to this day a flawless if somewhat legacy in technological terms orented solution covering core areas of ERP such as Customer Relationship Management with core modules like LQDE, Material Planning with IQDT and JQDA / SQDK core accounting foundations.

Despite the robust nature of S2I2 applications, MSInc is now developing in the cloud, using Software as a Service in such applications as FMCSA compliance with their leased WRbil product for dispatched service enterprises. Even plumbers, local movers and retail companies with a delivery fleet can now manage hours of service without dependence on a finicky spreadsheet and a full time harried DOT compliance clerk ever hoping  their complex excel formula not fail them.

WRbil is a LAMP application, that is it is based on Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP/Perl. It is implemented on the cloud model and provides a limited scope of functions compared to the more robust S2I2 application. WarBil is a part of the mix in modern SME application environments which also house accounting environments like QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting or MAS 200/500. With this product in hand at MSInc we have then sought out alternatives to closed technologies and found three interesting alternatives to the formerly named solutions. At MSInc we have begun evalutating Compiere, OpenBravo and last but not least, perhaps our favorite, XTuple.

Pronounced with a long ‘U’, XTuple is a solution out of the Southeastern United States, which we at MSInc find attractive in itself. Like Rehat, this application comes in the free as in open (not free as in beer) open source model. While we see the depth and complexity of these applications to be sufficient that client modifications should be considered carefully. Our investigations are partly centering on the seperations of the format, template, gui and business logic layers. One common requirements in modifications are the additions of fields to the database and the addition of business logic to provide extra funtionality.

Information on LAMP ERP is available from MSInc.