• ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. An integrated set of software applications to manage materials, inventory levels, supplier demand, capacity, product structure, bills of labor as well as being integrated with a accounting system capable of billing, order backlog, receivables and payables.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Planning. A sales force and customer service tool to manage prospects, leads, customer complaints and follow up, conversion and retention. Sometimes integrated with a phone system, customer account and call center functions may fall under the broad umbrella of a CRM solution.

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Invest in control first, then equipment

Economically Sound, Fundamentally Strong, ERP the way your business deserves!

Don’t wait to implement ERP. Gain hold of the production planning process to optimize bookings against capacity. Collaborate on orders and dispatching. Daily data backups are sent automatically across the country between datacenters to provide the highest level of disaster recovery. Data and functions are secured by passwords, users have access to modules according to rights granted by the administrator, and each user’s account requires login with an encrypted password. WRbil has million dollar ERP features, for costs similar to the support costs you would pay for most proprietary based systems.

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Technological Evolution

Atlanta is on the leading edge of open source, small footprint, capital efficient ERP solutions. Developed for service, process, discrete, and job shop situations, WRbil© ERP has revolutionized the speed and ease of implementation for small and medium sized business. The ease of use and lights out technical backbone complements the needs of Atlanta’s fast paced, dynamic business environment. The Warbil© approach helps companies navigate the Scylla of information sharing challenges and the Charybdis of punitive software licensing costs. While the applications industry remains heavily burdened by legacy technologies, the Open Source Community has produced frameworks widely adopted by consumer and business alike. Office applications, server operating systems, and mainframe hardware still drive an overwhelming share of the ERP market. This requires most established businesses to suffer with high licensing costs, staff intensive computer networks, and expensive hardware platforms. Despite these hurdles, most ERP is built on layers of ancient technologies laden with these drawbacks.

The leading edge versus the bleeding edge

The internet is relatively new compared to computing for business. Mainframes penetrated the accounting departments of business in the 1960’s and 1970’s, minicomputers prevailed in the 1980’s, and the desktop PC and the network became the standard in the 1990’s. But by 2000, the internet started coming on-line almost everywhere. Still ERP applications seem to require the use of a network server, similar to the use of minicomputers and mainframes in the past.

Now we have arrived in an age where open source technologies allow companies to rent their servers, like they would office space or a delivery truck. The only requirements are sophisticated applications which offer user level password validation, and a disaster recovery strategy (which is nearly always missing in today’s business networks). For dispatching to serve the customer, promises need to be kept. Misplaced job folders, poor planning, lack of detail available for planning, and inability to ‘explode’ requirements into sub-requirements are solved by use of the WRbil system. WRbil clearly organizes your commitments in real-time and on the apex of availability and visibility. In today’s business world, a company must capitalize on the heart of modern technology. To compete we leverage the internet, internal networks, and their inherent communications and integration capabilities. These tools and strategies are united in the WRbil© ERP system.

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