HR HCM Packages


API, Benefits, Compliance, Custom Reporting, Authority settings by user, stores documents (internally), Scheduling, Surveys

Employee Self-Service

Pricing, secretive, rumored to be $7-10 per employee per month.

Contract, unknown


State of the art css and javascript, might be clunky on older hardware, very appealing on windows 10 and snow leapord. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge are very compatible.

API($$$), Benefits, Custom Reporting, Authority by User, document storage (internal), Scheduling, Surveys, Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee Self-Service, seems limited to changing address, bank information.

Pricing, $ – 2.50 to 7.50 per employee, depending on features

Premium features, custom fields($$), recruitment($$), timesheets($$), suggestions($$), compliance documents($$), expenses($$$), assets($$$), surveys($$$), triggers($$$), custom benefits($$$), social stream($$$)

Contract, unknown, possibly month to month.