MAPICS was a Manufacturing Requirements Planning system, MRP, developed for IBM mainframes which evolved to run as MAPICS ERP on the Linux operating system with IBM eServer iSeries computers. MAPICS ERP for iSeries and Linux for iSeries provides greater stability, reliability, scalability, performance and economy. MAPICS ERP for iSeries’ uses Java-based interfaces for rich fat-client Desktops in the local area network as well as thin-client Internet and wireless access. Mapics claims to help manufacturers to collaborate better over the Internet, “improve customer service, deliver products faster and make better business decisions”.

“MAPICS recognizes the manufacturers’ need for flexible, open, real-time collaboration to streamline operations, and the Linux operating solution gives them a competitive edge,” said John P. Carter, Jr., senior vice president and general manager, North American Operations, MAPICS. “The Linux operating system, which will leverage manufacturers’ existing technology investment, is an extremely stable, open operating system that provides a heterogeneous, integrated, reliable server operating system across a manufacturer’s eServer technology platforms.”

Linux provides not only the sturdiest foundation in server software but boasts the highest transactions per second in many benchmarks. IBM has a long history of solid hardware products and a dedicated service force to maintain IT centers.

“Linux, represents an exciting new technology that is rapidly gaining market acceptance. It is a simple and economic way to implement next generation e-business applications,” said Per Larsen, vice president of eServer solutions at IBM. “By being one of the first ERP application vendors to support Linux deployment for its solutions, MAPICS is ahead of the curve in helping manufacturers move toward e-business.”

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, world wide provider of ERP applications MAPICS was the oldest ERP provider, with roots in the MRP days of the ’60s and ’70s, before being acquired by Infor. Scientifically strong, MAPICS has helped manufacturers compete with improved and more timely procurement, often called JIT, better information for strategic decisions, enhanced production planning tools and interfaces between departments and through-out the supply chain. MAPICS’ comes in two enterprise resource planning (ERP) foundations. (need more info)

Customers include Honda Motor Co. Ltd and the Bayer Corporation.

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From 2002, a press announcement for pre Infor Mapic is linked below.

Full  MapicsĀ® Press Release