Best Virus Protection

Last time I was talking about a computer virus, we were explaining how to use the extremely useful Malware Bytes program in safe mode to scan for Malware and viruses. Many types of malware can be cleaned off your computer using this simple technique, but maybe the word simple in a word about computer viri like trojans, root-kits, keyloggers and scare-ware is subject to context. So for most people the simple task of using their computer in safe mode is a rare and useless skill in terms of cooking dinner and getting the kids to soccer practice while getting the e-mail out to the neighborhood on the new garbage company proposal. Despite that fact, and the simple truth that we do not need the aggravation that these foreign hackers cause with their malicious activities, stuff happens, and that is why we have the computer training and virus removal officer for mothers and grandmothers in Conyers Georgia. A mother of three, our windows training and virus repair expert from Web Atlanta will be glad to help you with your virus program, or even that proposal that has to be submitted by email in the form of a PDF.

Wow, that is a lot to say, but not for us at Web Atlanta computer training in Conyers Ga. We offer remote assistance and moderately priced home tutoring for mothers and grandmothers. And right now, our recommended virus upgrade is available for only $ 60 on-site for mothers and grandmothers within 5 miles of the Conyers Georgia Public Library. We also offer remote assistance for grandmothers and mothers for only $ 40 for a limited time only. You will enjoy working mother to mother with our training and virus fixing technician at Web Atlanta. Our current virus upgrade special consists of converting a working and reliable internet connected Windows computer from the old and expired virus programs to Microsoft’s exclusive free trial Security Essentials. This is not as easy as it looks in many cases, for example McAfee and Norton often require special proprietary tools to be downloaded from their web-sites for complete and reliable removal. They do this to make it difficult to not renew their subscription. But for the same price as renewing most subscriptions, you can use the Microsoft program and never pay another renewal. Of course this offer only applies to mothers and grandmothers, or grandmothers and mothers within five miles of the Conyers Georgia Library if on-site service is required.

Our current recommended configuration for malware, spyware and scareware is the Microsoft Security Essentials package set for nightly deep scanning and Malware Bytes for the occasional safe mode scan. Now in case there may be some other problems, there are a lot of things that might be required other than just getting rid of that expensive or expired virus scanning program and upgrading to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows. For example, if your operating system is Windows XP 64 bit version, the SE solution is not available. Also, if there are virus problems already in your computer, there may be a small charge to clean your hard drive. We can also add the Ccleaner, Revo and Glary programs for only $ 15 that contain all the registry cleaning, history and cache cleaning and program installation and cleaning utilities that you will ever need.

Then again, your tasks may require software that is not included in your Windows program. For example, if you are putting together that proposal to sell your lettuce-garden doll collection business. Pages and pages of formatted plans and details, the built in program, Microsoft Wordpad might just not have the stuff to git’er done. In that case, many people look at Microsoft Office Student Teacher Addition, which costs between $100 and $ 150 and contains the Microsoft Word Program. Microsoft Word has many more features and is more suited to proposals and template driven tasks such as quotations or estimates. We can set up templates to help with these tasks or we have another recommendation, a computer program called openoffice. Openoffice is a powerful program, but not as widely accepted as Microsoft Word. So if you worry that you are not so computer savvy as to learn an alternative to the de facto standard document writing program, then fork up the bucks and buy a copy of Microsoft Word. If you are not a student, you may have to buy the small office version, and that may cost nearer $ 300. You also may be able to find a Word-only installation for around $ 100.