Linux based open source software packages offer the richest and most rapidly evolving applications.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning also entails the normal accounting operations required in a small and medium sized business, the integration between the post-mortem analysis functions, planning procedures and the basic data collection and organizational functions required for a backbone business information system leave business planners wanting an integrated package of data processing functions to interface with the planning procedures.

Linux based open source software packages offer the richest and most rapidly evolving applications. That Redmond Washington vendor can enter a market and abandon it in a matter of a few years, leaving users with unsupported application software. While the life cycle for a release of a desktop operating system may be less than five years, many ERP implementation last two decades or more. Elements of major million dollar ERP software packages contain business logic with roots in the Fortran and Cobol of the 1960’s.

Certain SQL based packages lack much business logic entirely and the relatively new, but robust procedural language of the Oracle flavor, Plsql is developing and creating an inventory of business logic. But licensing costs drive information system specialists to continue to use applications based on the Unix operating system and the known source code model. These models rely on vendors like Redhat and Novell to maintain expertise at a lower cost while providing the option to ‘go it alone’ that indeed major banks and telecoms exercise.

Linux, Apache, MySql and PhP combine to provide applications for the business community, and with the use of Perl banking providers like Paypal provide incredibly robust and yet secure micro application environments that employ technology in innovative and profitable ways. But businesses that merely outgrow the Quickbooks model, which lacks the aforementioned integration desires that forward thinking business owners seek leave small manufacturers for example to look at packages of the next tier such as Peachtree, MAS-90 and even the Redmond solutions.

However, businesses might come across three very innovative vendors that use Linux as a basis, yet provide compatibility with Windows and Macinstosh for the most part. Linux in the previously mentioned telecom operations provides the least downtime, and many times Oracle has used Linux to set world records in the database transaction processing arena. For more information on visit for more information on open source modeled and Linux based LAMP ERP solutions.

Notpetya goldeneye windows versions vulnerable

Ransomware also known as Wannacry is attacking again, but Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems with March and April updates fully applied appear to be immune. The computers being hacked are old versions of Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP that have not had security updates installed. XP is especially vulnerable.

Symantec, McAffee and any other virus protection provider are not required to tell you that you do not need their products to protect against these infections, and in fact, you probably should have a virus program.

If you are not encrypted, but have an outdated computer, consider using, then applying updates, then installing Norton anti-virus.

For more sophisticated users, use Microsoft Defender or Security Center, plus Malware Bytes, as well as an occasional scan with fixmestick.

If you are not encrypted but cannot update the operating system, back up your data and either buy a new computer or reformat the hard drive. If fixmestick cannot get the virus out of the computer, or the Windows Update program just will not run, the cost of remediation probably exceeds the cost of a new computer.

Wanncry struck about two months ago. The newest Petya is a very refined improvement of the virus. EternalBlue was first formalized by the US NSA for spying purposes. But if they had not formalized the code, someone else would have done the same. North Korea is known to have produced a variant that was less sophisticated.

The initial infection of NotPetya comes from an email phishing scheme, sometimes in a password protected Microsoft Word document. Then, using the EternalBlue exploit it can worm its way within private networks of vulnerable networks.

Another NSA project called EternalRomance may have code in NotPetya. NotPetya has capabilities that allow it to steal administrator passwords and use them to further replicate. However, using Microsoft password facilities best practices would appear to make this a less likely threat.

Novell Netware

The system administrator can determine that a program or file is shared or unshared. If a file not shareable different users archive viewable mode only reading but unable writable while another user in use mode reading or writing.

NetWare requires access to network directories through specific network drives. Network drives to directories on the network and not physical disk drives. Each workstation can be assigned 21 logical drive letters (F through Z). This means that DOS uses the default letters A to E.

Units NetWare search allow operating system locate files programs different directories directory predefined corresponding. Placing used programs universally directories public access then map them one unit search the fileserver locates programs requested even if not found current directory whence becomes application. Novell NetWare provides the most important safety systems on the market, and providing security of file servers in four different ways: check procedure, mandated rights, rights in the directory and file attributes. NetWare 4.x NetWare 4.x is a network operating system Novell designed for enterprise computing. It can handle up to 1000 users on a single server. It is based on 32-bit architecture ranging from 386 to Pentium processors. This operating system is similar to operating system version 3.12, although it has significant improvements.

The main feature is the 4.x Directory Services (NetWare Directory Sercices NDS). NDS is a comprehensive business service that links to the file servers to network resources such as printers, in an object-oriented hierarchical directory. It is a globally distributed database that provides a single point of registration and is built to facilitate the partitioning and replication of all servers. Designed for large networks, NetWare 4.x allows a network administrator to manage dozens of file servers from a single console. It also offers enhanced remote communications. The software uses the packet’s protocol interpreter and large burst of packets, designed to allow large packets to be transmitted and decrease the number of examinations necessary in the shipment, to ensure that transmission is received accurately. This version increased considerably security.

A network administrator can restrict the use of various network resources to authorized users. These rights define privileges of files such as reading, writing and erasing. The network administrator can also define the actions allowed for a user or program. Another important safety feature implemented in version 4.x is packet authentication to prevent counterfeiting intruder captures packets and identification of a user session to obtain access privileges. NetWare 5.0 An important characteristic provides Novell NetWare are Services Directories (NDS). Novell has made several improvements to the NDS in NetWare version 5. One such improvement is to enlist individual users with different access rights to the NDS tree. For example, you can assign the right to make or revoke a specific user passwords and deny that person the right to delete or create users and groups.

This tool is very useful to the administrator when working with multiple users.All server applications, including utilities such as Rconsole (remote console), work under TCP / IP. Native support means that you can easily install NetWare 5 IP in a network only with other Windows NT and UNIX servers. To maintain compatibility with previous services based on IPX, NetWare 5 also includes an IPX to IP gateway. The new version of NetWare includes a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs directly on the server, something that could not be done in previous versions.

With JVM can start a Telnet session or surf the Web on the server.Although this is a very attractive, if not planning to use it is recommended to uninstall it, since it requires a considerable amount of RAM. Novell, NetWare and future Novell believes the computer industry is now second stage LAN connectivity in which LANs connect to computers midrange mainframe through gates or direct interfaces. In recent years, Novell has planned an architecture that is consistent with a future characterized by increasing connectivity, flow of information between large and small computers, and compatibility among multiple vendors. Novell’s plan, known as Universal Network Architecture is directed toward an architecture that includes any platform.

NetWare Summary

  1. It can run on several different topologies.
  2. NetWare is designed to provide real support network file server.
  3. It can handle up to 1000 users on one server (version 4.x).
  4. The main feature of 4.x are the NetWare Directory Services (NDS).
  5. Netware 5 includes a native version or pure TCP / IP plus requires no IPX.

Microsoft Windows NT Server Microsoft Windows NT operating system is truly a very powerful 32-bit, which is available in both client and server.

Novell vs Server NT

Server NT brought forth a big improvement in prioritizing processes or threads in the multi-task environment. Managing multiple threads with control for asynchronous operations as well as synchronous operations across multiple CPU setups which is similar to any synchronous multi threading, was implemented..

Symmetric execution across threads and CPU devices improved performance, and the NTFS file system supported larger file names and storage devices. Early kernel mode partitioning supported DOS and OS/2 processes, and the capability of multiple 16 bit DOS processes. File sharing under Windowsfor Wmultiprocessing allows system and application requirements are distributed evenly among all available processors, making everything run much faster. Windows NT uses the NT File System (NTFS). This file system supports file names up to 256 characters. It also allows tracking of transactions. This means that if the system fails, NT returns the data to the state immediately before the crash. Microsoft designed Windows NT to make it portable. It consists of a kernel or nucleus, as well as various sub-systems. There subsystems available for applications that run programs based on OS / 2 and POSIX. A virtual DOS processor (DSP) running MS-DOS and Windows 16-bit applications. NT networking software includes point to point for NT users can share files with other users and applications running NT or Windows for Workgroups.

Windows NT NT security requires users to enter a password each time you start the operating system, whether or not connected to a servidor.Cada NT once it starts, it requests a password. NT government certification qualify for C-2 for safe environments. Microsoft has stated that in the future will offer enhancements that will increase the security level of NT and make it even more attractive to government agencies. A security feature is the NT User Manager. This program ensures that passwords be subject to company policy. It also allows each NT machine is configured to a number of users, giving each its own privilege level. It is also possible to create groups and give the same privileges to all members of a group. Another key safety feature is the event viewer. This program allows network administrators to view a log of all errors and breaches to the network, including time, date and type of violation, and the place where the event occurred and the name of the user involved. Implementation of NT with other network operating systems Windows NT Server provides integrated file sharing, printer sharing capabilities for workgroup computing and network interface open system, which includes integrated support for IPX / SPX, TCP / IP, NetBEUI and other transport.

NT Server is compatible with existing networks such as VINES, NetWare, UNIX, LAN Manager 2.x and Windows for Workgroups. Windows NT includes application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow manufacturers to network operating systems (NOS) write client software to enable their products to run with it. NT supports Macintosh clients and treats them the same way as users of the network, supporting the AppleTalk File Protocol.Macintosh users can access the server NT Server as if it were an AppleShare server. Windows NT Server 4.0 Integration of the user interface of Windows 95 NT 4.0, provides a consistent view across the desktop and the server, resulting in less training time and a faster development of the new network operating system. Tools such as Task Manager, and Network Monitor simplifies server administration.

The task manager offers extensive application and indications of CPU and graphics memory, which allows administrators to control system behavior.Network Monitor has the ability to monitor network traffic, allowing prevent performance problems with it. The directory service of Windows NT (NTDS) holds up to 25,000 users per domain, and hundreds or thousands per company. No matter how centralized or decentralized business, NTDS directory allows you to install an organization capable of providing a complete management of resources, services and applications. NTDS is a directory service that provides security, reliable architecture, graphical interface for management and open interoperability with Novell NetWare. NT 4.0 includes a diagnostic program that provides information about the drivers and the use of the network, minimizing the possible system errors.

This information is presented in graphical form that can be used from a remote NT system. The performance and scalability of the server have been improved as well as sharing and printing of files and performance of Internet server. Windows NT 4.0 works with systems such as NetWare, UNIX and IBM. It supports more than 5,000 hardware platforms and is compatible for most common network protocols such as TCP / IP, IPX / SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, data link control (Data Link Control DLC), HTTP, network architecture systems (Systems Network Architecture, SNA), PPP and point to point protocol tunneling through (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, PPTP). NT 4.0 is supported for a variety of client systems as Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT Workstation, IBM OS / 2 and Macintosh.
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Windows Idle Python – two confusing screens

Using the two screens in python idle for windows and ubuntu

When using the Python Idle editor and run environment, users are sometimes confused with two completely separate windows, or get one window which interprets Python but does not allow them to save their work.

Python Shell Window

The primary Python screen is the Python shell. If that is your only window, you should select File->New Window.

Untitled (maybe)

This window is a seperate editor task. This is where you edit entire programs.

The Rhythm

For short little things, you can execute them in the shell. Try these and see if you get the same output.

print x


print x.find('12'),x.find('23'),x.find('asdf')

0 1 -1

if x.find('23')>-1:
  print x.index('23')


Google local business center

Google Places

Google has renamed the local business center ‘Google Places’, and companies with two or more employees must consider using this resource. Added with Bing and Yahoo, these local listings, which are ‘free’, are, more often than not, more important than a $ 300 per month yellow pages ad. It does depend on your situation. Business managers have many questions around managing these listings. Knowing best practices is an evolving skill as guidelines change several times a year. The professionals at Web Atlanta keep up with best practices, and can manage the google, bing, yahoo triad for local businesses for as little as $ 500. In addition, here is some free information if you want to attempt to do this yourself. Good luck.

Business Address

If you work out of your home, you may well wish to hide your business address. But you should still use a proper address. Addresses in commercial districts get higher rankings than residential addresses. Companies with real commercial presences on the street deserve to, and are ranked more highly.

Owning listings

The first thing we do at Web Atlanta is establish an e-mail address under which all the listings are defined or claimed. We like to use a gmail account, or a domain account, where we are confident that we will never lose control of the password for that account. Domain accounts are best. Only a business owner or their authorized agents should claim the listing. If you have not claimed your listings, you may get scammed. We have charged several thousand dollars to support legal and technical actions to rescue business managers from these scamsters. They swoop in and ‘claim’ listings before business owners notice. Because the claiming process is technical in nature, this leaves businesses vulnerable until the proper safeguards are taken.

Business Names and keywords

Stick to your business name, as you may suffer delays and the penalty box if the search engine heuristics look to match up the business name with a legitimate known business name. The search engines may also look for keyword cheating and penalize that. You want your registered business exactly as the Secretary of State so defines it. Attempting to influence the rank of your local business listing with ‘black hat’ techniques may sometimes work, but we will not do that on your behalf.

Web-site domain name & Phone

A local listing usually lets you to enter a URL and a phone number. A history of yellow page advertising helps your ranking. But Yellow Pages are often printed with tracking numbers, and this does not help, i.e. your business being associated with a tracking number. You want the search engines to associate your business and phone number. It is possible, where a tracking number has been used for many years, that enough business citations are known to the search engines, and this may help. List the tracking number as an extra phone number, if possible.

Other Stuff

Add your business logo. You should have business artwork in digital form, like a logo for upload. Add two to four pictures of your building, products or employees at work. Add Videos, especially youtube videos of your products and your employees working. Add your business hours and use the service area definition procedures to delineate your service area, especially for businesses that visit homeowners like the trades.

  • Jpegs and gifs, photos, logo
  • Videos
  • Hours of Operation
  • Categories of products and services
  • Payment forms accepted

Best Practices

In the SEO industry, Web Atlanta can be trusted to protect your business investment. Using off-shore or inexperienced help can be risky. Experienced search engine optimization professionals should be used for businesses not wanting to risk their reputation.

shortest Python timezones example

assuming we import datetime and pytz, just for a little bit of brevity ….

print datetime.datetime.utcnow().replace(tzinfo=pytz.utc).\
   astimezone(pytz.timezone("US/Eastern")).strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")

Whoa Nelly, Break it down bro! Below is an example of getting a ‘Naive’ time. I.E. it will be the time of the computer you are using, but have no associated timezone designation. This example also will get an error if you can’t import datetime.

import datetime
nowVariable =
print nowVariable

But a naive time object is unaware of the timezone, and the pytz object library is a great addition to datetime, but again, the next example will make your time object timezone aware, but first it will test that your computer can import the pytz object library.

import datetime, pytz
nowVariable =
laTimeVariable = nowVariable.replace(tzinfo=pytz.timezone("US/Pacific"))
print laTimeVariable

Other timezones could be US/Mountain, US/Central, Europe/Rome, Australia/Perth, Asia/Hong_Kong, etc.

Now, if we want to print the ‘aware’ date object in a pretty format, we can say;

print laTimeVariable.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M %Z")

This is great to populate the display variable when the date and time are sent to the screen. But with many different timezones and everything happening on the world wide dub dub dub all over the world at all hours, internally to my python code, I might want to always store and calculate the time in one single standard timezone, only converting as the last step to display it to a local user.

To get the current universal time, naive and aware;

utcNaiveVariable = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
utcAwareVariable = datetime.datetime.utcnow().replace(tzinfo=pytz.utc)

What is ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

Accounting and Operations

Bookkeeping, but more comprehensive

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning. A comprehensive suite of applications to manage planning and operational functions requiring massive information processing in the business environment

MSInc fills a broad set of IS and IT needs from network support for small businesses with Quickbooks™, Peachtree™, or MS200/500™ accounting modules, as well as customized solutions. We provide network planning, tuning, and connectivity as well as email, web design, PC repair, PC support, and custom MySQL customer service databases. We also provide our own ERP Solution using Thoroughbred™, PVX™, and Basis BBX™ BB8 based accounting and operations systems. Our solutions support a full ERP backbone for manufacturing clients with up to 500 employees. For SaaS or “Software as a Service”, see our new Vehicle Dispatch system, available in lease and purchase license forms. Our lease model leads the way in SOA, or Service Oriented Architecture. Also available for standardized and custom ERP, MRP, CRM, and Financials models in fully normalized designs. Because of our breadth of services, from highly secure financial information, to password accessible customer service portals, through to highly visible and optimized web-sites, we are highly skilled at managing the various security requirements of your company.

Outsourcing, Eastern metro Atlanta. Small and Medium Sized Business.

Purchase Price Variance

Standard costing techniques in ERP

In absorption accounting, the measurement of the inflation or deflation of prices on raw material is measured with purchase price variance. A unit of raw material is assigned a standard cost for the year and the variation in landed cost for deliveries is tracked not with a complicated scheme of tracking on a lifo or fifo basis where each molecule of raw material can be allocated to a product that reaches the consumer, but a standard periodic cost is assigned to a unit of purchased goods. For example, if we choose to fix the cost of a #8-32 1/2″ Stainless round slotted head machine screw at $.15 for the year, the portion of the final cost of a product that uses this purchased item need not change just because the landed price for one million screws that week was $.149900 each.

We freeze the standard cost for the screw at $.15 and book a purchase price variance, favorable, of a hundred bucks. The mechanics require an accounting discipline and business logic in the purchasing and accounts payable departments of recording the landed price vs the standard. When an invoice is received from a vendor on the raw material account, the first thing we want to ascertain is that the material was received and that our vendor deserves to be paid for goods that were delivered and accepted for inventory. This means that a given purchase order receipt, which was a debit to inventory on hand for a given part number should be matched up with the invoice. This receipt is marked then as paid and the accounts payable can be processed with no shoe leather put to waste by either the purchasing or accounting departments.

A register of vouchers accepted for a given day then can be generated with the landed cost put against the standard cost to determine the favorable or unfavorable purchase price variance for raw material acquisition.


sudo apt install python-celery-common

all configuration to run the celery process is put in a python file sometimes called

celery -A tasks worker –loglevel=info

But you might have multiple workers named and so you would start them in two separate shells using

celery -A worker1 worker –loglevel=info
celery -A worker2 worker –loglevel=info

The “functions” you are going to background will be in worker1 or worker2.