Companies use Dropbox.com to store from 10 gigabytes on the free plan to a terabyte or more on paid plans instead of operating expensive raid arrays. Even with a raid array in the computer room, flood fire or other disaster could wipe out the entire contents and backups of a raid array.

Dropbox uses a network of datacenters to manage storage and backups. The Windows Dropbox client is just as easy to use as any mapped drive. Dropbox for IOS and Android allow mobile devices to automatically sync video and pictures from phones and tablets to the corporate Dropbox data storage.

But for storing documents, Dropbox can be just as disorganized as a mapped drive. Wyn Rocket solves this by managing the upload and directory processes. Premium professional Dropbox users can even use protected directories to store Human Capital data out of sight of other corporate users.

The folder for an employee can contain just their application or photo, or a myriad of licensing and qualification documents scanned and uploaded through WRbil.com and are readily available outside of WRbil to those with folder permissions as defined in Dropbox.

WRbil.com acts as an app in its own application directory that is indexed according to our pre-determined set of rules. Once you use WRbil.com to organize your Human Resources Dropbox.com document storage, you will rarely want to use Dropbox.com directly because WRbil is so nimble and intuitive.