Vacation and leave tracing with cloud based Human Resources

Human Resources or Human Capital Management responsibilities include tracking and scheduling vacation and leave time for employees. Human Resource cloud software at Wyn Rocket include facilities for tracking upcoming and historical leave and vacation for the enterprise as well as for individuals.

The WRbil employee screen contains a vacation and leave option on the left, and the same left option is available for employees. If you are looking at leave from an employee view, you will only see records for that employee. To see all records return to the all employees screen and look at leave records from there.

Standard leave categories include vacation, sick and family/medical leave.

Leave records can be viewed for the current fiscal year and prior fiscal year. Leave records are not saved older than the prior fiscal year.

Leave records have approval fields and room to record the payroll period and rates for which the leave was paid/granted.

Improve communications about leave and vacation management with easier reporting and spreadsheet compatible leave reporting for employees and the company.

Employees can see their leave approval status and leave/vacation paid and unpaid history.

Reduce paperwork while keeping records of employee and company history of leave and vacation, allows for notes on leave requested and granted.

Manager managed, not an out of control cluster fish of employee requests.