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New Web-sites and temporary successes

Web-designers often see web-sites with initial first page google ranking that fades quickly. This is actually most often because the site gets an initial positive rating by the search engines because people are always looking at new things. But a high bounce rate and little evolution to the site quickly leads to a site that drops off the first page of google.

  • New sites get a short boost were they are favored to test traffic patterns.
  • Even new sites with no clear meaning will appear briefly. Blogs commonly do well for a short period.
  • Most new sites have poor content, stolen, copied, sparse, unlinked, and will fade quickly.
  • Some sites have a variety of replicated pages that SE’s quickly but sometimes too boldly de-list.
  • Sites with stolen content are discovered within a few weeks or a month and de-listed.
  • Sites that do not hold onto visitors fall quickly.
  • Sites with no or low quality and low quantities of links will not gain reliable results.
  • Sites that gain links, especially low quality links too quickly receive little help.

If you have a site that you have carefully planned yet are not seeing the results you think you deserve, there is not a quick fix. For these situations we engage in a marketing plan covering several months of link building combined with an expertly managed pay per click campaign to get immediate business exposure.