White Hat SEO

Building long term success

There are two major categories of getting noticed on the search engines, organic and pay per click.  Most cold calls you receive to promote your website will be from pay per click companies.  We can provide everything these boiler room operations provide, for the same price, while gradually training you and your staff on how to manage your pay per click campaigns.  You should build this expertise within your office, or you will be paying too much forever.  Within a year of using our pay per click service at web-Atlanta you will be able to control your phone from your pay per click budget panel.  Really.  Call me for references.  They will tell you.

Some high pressure sales calls are actually from organic companies.  This is more difficult, because it entails subtle refinement of the website content to optimize your website’s presence on the first page of search engines.  This is the area where a reputable SEO firm is required.  Many ‘get to the top quick’ schemes use tricks to change your ranking.  These tricks may show a short term gain, but in the long run they will hurt the credibility that search engines assign your site.

Some examples of dirty tricks are; buying links, mass reciprocal e-mailings, (we reject more than 5 out of 6 reciprocal requests), mass link dumping to blog comments, email spam, incredible keyword deviation and link farm injection.

The ethical, and responsible way to promote websites involves understanding the search engines and how they ‘think’  (OK, they don’t think, they use heuristic techniques to algorithmic traversal, index and catalog the context and content of domains).  Our object is to improve, refine, and enhance the content of our customers websites to honestly reflect their business.  We create credible taglines and promote them within the website and about the internet at large.  We optimize title tags and meta keyword and description elements to maximize the quality rankings of your website.  Search engines respond to our techniques in time periods of from weeks to up to a year for newer domains.  Take shortcuts, and you will regret not using web-Atlanta, or a reputable firm of your knowledge.