Fundamental local marketing plan

Most every web presence we look at lacks the fundamentals that connect the customers with your business. This plan covers the repair and enhancement of the local attributes of your google, yahoo, etc marketing and is required in most cases before we proceed to more enhanced techniques. Customers who purchase this option should have an established business, and an implemented website. Failure to do this plan is like building your marketing on a quicksand foundation. Don’t risk attempts to gain search engine ranking!

The SEO basis localization package provides top visibility for your business in the local listings of yahoo, bing, ask, aol and google, as well as some mundane backlink promotion. You should have a url or domain name and a main phone number and location address before purchasing this option. Google, with its extensive mapping of IP addresses to geographic locations gives you the opportunity to pick the low hanging fruit. Whether a dry cleaner or a gutter hanger, whether customers come to you or you go to them, the reputable business owner needs to put the first business marketing effort toward his neighbors.

Cost – $2,400 or Down payment $ 600 and 6 monthly payments of $ 300

How to get started – Fill out our contact form with your URL, business email, business phone, business fax and business address, and mail the check!

To meet the objective of improved natural organic ranking, promoting traffic to your website and telephone. This program utilizes keyword analysis, standards compliance, and quality of metatags. Bing has strict requirements for metatags, google and yahoo prefer W3C compliance. This program is available for both XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.0 index.html home pages. Requires completion of either analytics or basis with MSinc. optimization products.