Atlanta SEO

Modern web design can be a waste of money because the most attractive web-site on the internet will generate very little interest in your products or services if no one can find it. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are used by people to locate products and services on the internet. This includes finding companies all over the world and in your neighborhood. Search engine optimization services (SEO) and internet marketing strategies must be used to gain quality visitors through search engines.

No other Atlanta company can compete with the knowledge depth at Web Atlanta for search engine optimization. While we provide PPC services to boost traffic of qualified prospects our internet marketing strategies, campaigns, and optimization work can give companies an organic presence two to three times greater than their size. Ou services concentrate on the major aspects influencing the searches of qualified prospects and our keyword research is done at a level of transparency and interaction that every other competitor fails to provide. When we partner on your brand name you will learn how truly rote is this process others seek to represent as some sort of magic elixer.

Local Search is a mysterious area where our partner format of SEO empowers our clients. We stress the importance of not only domain ownership but of claiming and verifying local listings. Divergence and convergence of search results are not well understood, but superbly anticipated by our unsurpassed computer science oriented staff. Google and Yahoo are convinced that customers will increasingly use Local Search to find products and services in their local area. We excel at making sure local listings achieve rankings because local search has long ago surpassed use of the Yellow Pages to find businesses. Our expertise at web-site content analysis means our customers are prominently displayed in the Local Search components of Bing, Google and Yahoo.

The major search result providers use factors to determine rankings related to the importance and relevance of a site and its importance to other sites and publications on the internet. Effective methods of promoting a web-site organically include blogs, press releases, classified ads, directories, twittering and social bookmarking,

The fastest way to generate visitors from the search engines is to implement a Pay Per Click campaign. Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo offer paid advertisements that appear on search results pages and on their respective partner sites. Advertisers pay Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo every time a visitor clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s web site. The amount the advertiser pays the search engines depends on the amount the advertiser bids on a keyword. Very little optimization of a web site is necessary to begin a Pay Per Click campaign and drive relevant traffic to a web site. The bids for competitive keywords can get expensive. We have the expertise to create effective advertisements, minimize the cost, and maximize the benefits from Pay Per Click campaigns.

We stress the importance of not only domain ownership but of claiming and verifying local listings.

Headaches and Chiropractic

Many people suffer from headaches. Among the worst are migraine and cluster headaches. Using the traditional medical path, relief is temporary. The sufferer takes medications , which only puts a “band-aid” on the symptom. The use of medications rarely gets down to fixing the root problem. The overuse of medications sometimes causes the pain to get worse over time. Chiropractic care can help correct the true problem and alleviate the pain permanently through correcting the flow of nerve impulses.

The nerves in the spinal cord carry messages throughout the body. When an interference in the flow occurs, stress and spasms follow.  After the muscles are relaxed and the spinal bones are in better alignment, the flow of nerve impulses increase and the pain subside.

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White Hat SEO

Building long term success

There are two major categories of getting noticed on the search engines, organic and pay per click.  Most cold calls you receive to promote your website will be from pay per click companies.  We can provide everything these boiler room operations provide, for the same price, while gradually training you and your staff on how to manage your pay per click campaigns.  You should build this expertise within your office, or you will be paying too much forever.  Within a year of using our pay per click service at web-Atlanta you will be able to control your phone from your pay per click budget panel.  Really.  Call me for references.  They will tell you.

Some high pressure sales calls are actually from organic companies.  This is more difficult, because it entails subtle refinement of the website content to optimize your website’s presence on the first page of search engines.  This is the area where a reputable SEO firm is required.  Many ‘get to the top quick’ schemes use tricks to change your ranking.  These tricks may show a short term gain, but in the long run they will hurt the credibility that search engines assign your site.

Some examples of dirty tricks are; buying links, mass reciprocal e-mailings, (we reject more than 5 out of 6 reciprocal requests), mass link dumping to blog comments, email spam, incredible keyword deviation and link farm injection.

The ethical, and responsible way to promote websites involves understanding the search engines and how they ‘think’  (OK, they don’t think, they use heuristic techniques to algorithmic traversal, index and catalog the context and content of domains).  Our object is to improve, refine, and enhance the content of our customers websites to honestly reflect their business.  We create credible taglines and promote them within the website and about the internet at large.  We optimize title tags and meta keyword and description elements to maximize the quality rankings of your website.  Search engines respond to our techniques in time periods of from weeks to up to a year for newer domains.  Take shortcuts, and you will regret not using web-Atlanta, or a reputable firm of your knowledge.

Black hat vs White Hat defined

Seo’s talk in ways that are hard enough to understand, but sometimes we use nomenclature straight out of a John Wayne movie.  The good guys wear white hats, and the bad guys wear black hats.  In SEO terms, we warn that ‘black hat’ techniques can lead to a possible temporary boost in ranking, but we stress that solid long term success requires the use of white hat techniques.

Bing has published a series of advisories for webmasters as follows;

  1. Use valid XHTML or HTML, use the W3C validator.
  2. The <title> tag should contain between 5 and 65 characters.
  3. the Meta Description tag should contain between 25 to 150 characters.
  4. the Meta Keywords tag should contain less than 874 characters.

I don’t know what the penalties on Bing are for violating these guidelines, but I can say that any

good promotion should not be overwhelming to either man or machine.  For example, a dry cleaner that uses every popular keyword including ‘bikini pics’ is not really being honest.  Black hat techniques don’t depend on honesty, they only seek traffic.

The problem for a legitimate dry cleaner is that the traffic that comes from ‘bikini pics’ does not lead to revenue.  The search engines can tell this in advance by heuristically comparing the keywords to the real content and message of your site and they assign a value to the keywords as they pertain to your website, and where your website does not match the hype, that hurts the value they give to your website.

There are two google categories that websites with shady optimization techniques can fall into, the google penalty box, and banned.  The banned category is generally reserved for websites that either went so far overboard in the black hat techniques that it is ridiculous, and websites that generally got hacked.  Web sites big and small get hacked, even I had a web-site hacked, where I had failed to apply all the controls on user input that I should have.  A Malaysian hacker using javascript injection managed to replace my clients home page with a spoof page.  There were two funny things about this situation, I didn’t care, because my insolent customer had failed to pay his bill with me, and when I caught it, in only a few hours, no penalty got applied to the website I managed.  So I took it down entirely.  Hah!  But besides being banned, there is the penalty box, where url’s promoted with lousy SEO techniques end up.  We have worked with these situations, and with google to get these URL’s out of the penalty situation.